What is the Wall of Shame?

The Wall of Shame is where cheaters, exploiters, griefers and other unwanted people have their names put up in bright lights (along with proper proof) that they have broken some sort of rule or honor in their game play.
Don’t want your name up here? DON’T CHEAT


In-game Name(s) IRC Ident IP Address Accused of Screenshots Demos Map Misc.
Day1 Day1 WH - - - Banned via Q2admin
badding badding WH - - - Banned via Q2admin
Raksu raksuu / nabbeli Pending WH - Download nightsnipe Caught on pelit.iia.fi server on 2012-11-15
Ike/Ile - Pending Speedhack/FPS Drop - Short Demo
Full Demo
cloud2 Caught on Warfields.net server on 2012-11-25
Rauli KaiZeri Aimbot/WH - Download rok Caught on pelit.iia.fi servers on 2012-12-15
Krille / Punisher Punisher^^ WH - Download closec Caught on Clanfubar.nl server on 2012-12-15
Nuza - Pending Aimbot - Download revolution Caught on Pelitutka AQ2 2 server on 2012-12-16
Battisan (Legacy) - Wallhacking - Banned via q2admin on 2013-01-05
?? - Fakenicking as zAyBeR - Banned via q2admin on 2013-01-14
Merked (Legacy) - Wallhacking - Banned via q2admin on 2013-01-20
Ivey - Chat spamming/name changing - Banned via q2admin on 2013-01-25
Aita - Wallhacking - Banned via q2admin on 2013-01-26
Rauli / KaiZeri - Aimbot/WH - Banned via q2admin on 2013-03-08
badding - Wallhacking - Banned via q2admin on 2013-03-08
Shaggy - Spamming - Banned via q2admin on 2013-03-13


Watching demos in the mvd2 format requires Q2Pro.  You can get Q2Pro via Q2Online (you can then copy the Q2Pro executable to your standard AQ2 install directory if you desire).  The command to replay an mvd2 demo is mvdplay in the console.


Want to appeal your name being on here? State your case in #aq2admin on quakenet.org to an Op or Administrator.