More news from the Q2Online front!


 hifi has added more features and improvements!

    AQ2 menu and default configuration updated
      ‘special2′ alias to switch between special and pistol
      default ‘Q’ binding is now ‘special2′
      ‘Advanced Bindings’ menu with more bindings (sniper lens etc.)
      ‘Radio Bindings’ menu with some common radio messages
      hitsounds (cl_hitsounds and menu)
      Radio gender selection (cl_radiogender and menu)
      Automatic scaling for HUD, console and menu
      Building is done on Debian Wheezy so the binaries should work on older Linux distributions again.

Mac players — don’t fret!  hifi is still very interested in getting a proper Mac build up and running alongside the Windows and Linux builds, and with the Mac dev machine he has received, he pledges that Mac users would provide ‘first-class q2online/q2pro support for the Mac as long as q2online lives’

Stay tuned for more AQ2 news!